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Plant ID

Please could someone tell me what this is? When you rub the leaves it smells lemony.

Thanks. Smile


Verigated lemon mint by looks of it

Thanks Cir3ngirl. Smile

I take it, it's okay to eat?

Could also be variegated lemon balm. Both fine to eat, great for a cuppa

Thanks Tahir. Smile

Definitely variegated lemon balm. Lovely thing but if you only have one plant (like I did) it did get swamped, unusual for lemon balm (ordinary) which is positively invasive! Smile

The non-variegated form is likely always going to be a bit sturdier (and more invasive). More chlorophyll per leaf = more energy
Jam Lady

Yellow plant pigment assists by sending energy to chlorophyll A for more efficient use of sunlight. This is why plants with yellow leaves are able to grow, and grow well.

It is white = absence of pigment that is a problem. Plants with white variegated leaves are slower in growth and there are no plants with pure white leaves. A recessive in corn / maize can create seedlings that lack chlorophyll. They germinate, grow while using nutrients in cotyledon, then die when no nutrient remains.

Plants with purple leaves have chlorophyll "hidden" by anthocyanin pigments. Some plants begin spring growth with reddish leaves (some astilbe, for example) to protect tender new growth from scorching.

There are plants with pure white leaves, just none that can photosynthesize their own sugars.

Indian pipe (Monotropa uniflora) is fairly classic example. It's just getting its sugars from a mycorrhizal fungus which is getting its sugars from a tree.

Redwoods can also support albino mutant off-shoots via root grafting.

Albinism in plants if interesting, as it can occur with different chlorophyll pigments, and in different layers of meristem that divide differently and may affect how the mutation gets expressed:
Jam Lady

Yellow variegated plants grow quite well. Plants with white variegated leaves grow more slowly (hosta, anyone.)

Indian pipe is not self-supporting. It is, essentially, a parasite. Very difficult to propagate too.

Cultivating an albino offshoot of a redwood through root grafts is not how gardeners typically cultivate their plants. Seems more like "Look what I did!"

I find the tree with grafts of 40 different stone fruits to also be absurd.

Lemon balm tea anyone?

Yes please, but no sugar, thank you, Frewen!
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