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Northern Boy

Pleasant surprise

Out for a quick stroll with the dog last night and found this. The stroll then became a lot slower and longer. Is a bit long in the tooth but surprising bugless

I am not sure if it is edulis or reticulatus or something else.....


Excellent find.

The hot weather seems to have inhibited fruiting here. However, things might just be changing as I found my first horse mushroom and field mushroom of the year yesterday. Lots of (inedible) boletes also appeared yesterday. Still waiting for my first Cep of the year.


nice one Northern boy,its def. a bolete!!!

Wow that looks like a beuty!

I've been having some luck in Wiltshire, chicken of the woods exploded everywhere after the first rains a while back, plus some oysters. i have found a few russulas and maybe a blusher too.

In the last week i have found maybe 4 or 5 different boletes - I'm a novice so not 100% sure on IDs. Pretty sure i found a penny bun but slugs had all but destroyed it.

*I found a lone red-cracking bolete but no pic.

*I think this was/would have been a penny bun (damn you slugs!)

*Also these which may be red-cracking bolete (?) they do not blue on cutting tthough so not a perfect match. Found in a mowed strip of grasss between a path and then ditch and mixed woodland on other side.


*Not sure what this is. Under Oak, lemon yellow flesh and tubes, no discolouring. Very firm cap.

*Also not sure on this, but possibly sepia bolete. The dark cap cracks in a sort of mosiac explosing white-cream flesh underneath?

Slight discolration on cutting. 3 spoecimens found in the samwe mowed strip of grass as above, but pretty much in the ditch.

sorry about the picture size!
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