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Please help with fungi identification

Hello everyone,

My first post here, having recently decided to give foraging for mushrooms a go. I have Roger Phillips' Mushrooms book and have studied this online as much as I can. I'm fairly confident I have the ID right, but being my first time I would like a second opinion / challenge before it goes in the pot!

My ID: Bay Bolete (Boletus Badius)
- Picked 23rd Aug in Fife, Scotland
- Found under Conifer trees, on mossy ground
- The pores stained dark blue/green when touched / sliced
- The flesh stained blue above the pores when sliced
- I think this is a reasonably mature specimen, both for it's size,
and the darkness of the pores

Could anyone help either confirm or give me some other advise?

Thank you

Hello there, welcome aboard.

Yes, I could agree with that id, in fact I saw a couple myself the other day....must go look at my cep spot!

i concur but never die on my account Laughing

with that many id criteria met i would eat it .

if any factor does not match an id profile dont eat it and always check for the "easy mistaken for" list.

owt with tube gills is a fair bet apart from the two horrible ones

learn as many horrid ones as poss as well as the nice ones ,there are only a couple of thousand in the uk , less than 200 are good eating, most are not good eating but wont harm you much and maybe 50 are rather nasty ,maybe 15 deffo dead Wink

the bad list is shorter than the good and pointless lists but learning it it is the easy way to stay safe .

perhaps it seems a bit odd to say learn what you cant eat when you are starting on fungal forage but it does make sense .ive been at it over 40 yrs and still only have about 50 must eats that im totally confident with,mostly when i see a shroom i think "not food ,not poison"rather than try to remember it's name .if it is food or poison i can name it and sometime call it by it's pet name:wink:

a good one to know well is livia's mushroom it only takes a heavy shower (or a good brushing)to disguise itself as caeser's mushroom which can ruin one's week big style(check what you think are agricus spp very carefully Wink )they are found in different habitats which can be a bit of a clue Wink Wink

the more you learn the longer you live Laughing

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and advice.
I'm now looking forward to the risotto Smile And what I can find this weekend.

Don't forget to report back.

we will worry if you "go dark"

the river cottage mushroom book is a pretty good pocket guide as is the collins guide to mushrooms if you can still get it i have killed several of those with damp (and spores on one occasion)

shrooming is a good thing but do be careful,a few years ago a chap who teaches mycology at a university, picked a range of known edibles and a few unknowns to identify later,he left them all in his kitchen,his partner cooked the lot and he was rather poorly iirc the world looked purple for a few days on top of feeling dreadful and being scared.moral be very careful even when you are expert.

my pet advice is dont bother with anything that requires a microscope to decide if it is dinner or death Wink
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