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POL Ducks?

I haven't got any but I could do with about a dozen of them.
I usually get Khaki Campbells from Ronnie Miller in Preston who sells very good ones but by the time I'm in a position to collect them, thats the weekend after Easter, the birds that he's got will only be seven weeks old.

Bath is probably too far, but it's the only place I know who might be able to help - Karen, at Kilkenny Cottages, 01225 834247 / 07907 250493

I think she buys them in, so she might be able to put you in touch with someone.

Yup a bit too far. I'm visiting my mum in Stoke on the weekend after Easter, so my plan was to nip up the M6 on the way home to pick up from Ronnies. Best laid plans and all that. Crying or Very sad
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