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Polytunnel Strawberry Nibblers...

Not the human kind...pests of the anty kind. Our strawbs are ripening nicely in the polytunnel but it's a race to pick them unoccupied by ants; I'm sure there are little slugs in there too. They have straw round them but I have no idea how to stop the attacks.

Ideas, strawberry growers?

Might it be woodlice? I found quite a few of our strawbs last year with large holes in and the pesky critters were still sleeping it off inside the holes! Rolling Eyes
It was the end of the season when they struck, so no personal suggestions, but there might be some in this search I saved just in case it happens this year...

We do get woodlice later on but no sign yet - it's definitely ants! I don't know, however, if they are the ones to initially break the skins, or whether little slugs start off and the ants join in afterwards. I have put down a few slug pellets as no birds go into the tunnel...and will wait to see if the attacks slow down...
Jam Lady

Bird- And Pet-Safe Slug Traps

Get an empty, clean, dry 2-liter plastic soda bottle

Use a pair of scissors to cut apart at top of cylindrical portion

Invert top (now looks like a funnel) and insert into cylinder

Staple together

Place slug pellets into device, then lay in shady damp place where slugs like to hang out

Attracted to the pellets, slugs slime their way in. Not being highly intelligent, they cannot find their way back out

When device becomes ineffective / nasty toss into trash (look Ma, clean hands, no slug slime) and make a new one

Ah yes, I've done that for wasps!

rotten ants, I am growing my strawbs in my greenhouse this year, have a few ripening already, and them ants are gorging themselves. Grrr.

ants may be there because they are "farming" aphids
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