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Pond care

I have some Harrods Horticultural gift vouchers for a birthday present - very exciting.

Our pond is in need of some TLC and so am thinking of getting things for it. Doesn't have a pump at the moment and water is getting murky and there is sludge at the bottom.

Am looking at various things which promise lovely clear water and wondering if any of them work. Not had a pond for some years and then inherited this one full of fish, oxygenating weed, water lilies - and now tadpoles, of course.

Anyone any experience of using any of the following:

Solar pond oxygenator
Extract of barley straw
EM mud balls
EM ceramic clay pipes (in a bag)


...of course what I really want is a compost tumbler, but thought should look after the pond. Confused

Have you read up on pond care first? Does it have the right amount of plants to surface area, have you taken out the dead leaves and removed some of the sludge (leave on the side of the pond for critters to wriggle back into pond)?

I think many treatments are a short term fix and getting the general environment right first would be best.


I think it has the right amount of cover - don't know if it now has too much weed in it. It seems to have a lot of weed, though they are a type of oxygenating weed I have had before.

I have taken out quite a bit of sludge in the past few days, but don't know how much more of that I can do now that I have put tadpoles back in the pond.

de sludge if shallow

solar bubblers are ok

avoid chemicals and other snake oil products

Benign neglect seems to work for us. It's a titchy raised pond and has frogs, newts and a giant goldfish in it. And lots of small wriggly things. I reckon they find their own equilibrium.

I can tell you what's NOT good for ponds: DUCKS!
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