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Poor drainage

How can I improve the drainage of my garden as a whole?

I've currently got an L-shaped plot layed to grass. It is at present very, very boggy.

When it rains, I get small ponds.

I am at the top of a hill!

To put it into perspective. I have an actual pond in the middle of the garden. I emptied it and the next day it had refilled just by the water in the ground around and underneath it!

The soil is London clay - I'm thinking of digging a trench around the sides of the plot and laying a pipe surrounded by gravel and running it to a drain (or at least some sort of underground resevoir.

Does this sound overkill? It's the tallest hill around our area and we're not far from the summit!
Rob R

It depends upon the levels and amount of compaction I think - if appropriate I would make use of the pond for drainage and overflow from that, as opposed to seperate engineering. But if the ground is compacted and the water can't get away even if there is somewhere for it to go, that needs addressing or it'll always be slow.
Ty Gwyn

Possibly you have a spring where your pond is situated,
Beings your up the hill,there should be no problem draining the water away,as long as not onto someone else`s property.

When we were looking at the house during the Autumn it had been relatively dry for some time - we've had a lot of rain recently (so much so even my water meter is under water!)

Due to the rain barrels overloading and seeping damp into the house I emptied them, less than 12hrs later both were completely full again - so I'm guessing conditions are unseasonably wet. Bet we still have a water shortage this year!

The pond is going to move - it's in a bit of silly place and I want to move it to the side of the garden rather than the centerpiece.

There was a fair bit of evidence that it was a wet area because of the moss where I'd have expected grass, but I put that down to the shade from the connifers...
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