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Poorly hen

Let out our "table birds" out this evening for a bit of exercise...picked up what I thought to be an average specimen; put him/her down again, it promptly collapsed to one side & could apparantly no longer bear weight on its feet

I thought at first maybe the picking up was traumatic but the others seem to tolerate it; this one however, lay there not moving. When I picked it up, it kicked both feet, but on being placed on the ground, once again, could not bear its own weight...

Is there some sort of "fragility" in chooks that I seem to be overlooking ?
They appear as hardy as anything, then a thing like this happens

Any advice / tips / similar experiences ?
Nicky Colour it green

Problem is they could look like this for a number of reasons

what breed are they?

do their combs look nice and red?

Looked fine & healthy, but just went wobbly when placed on the ground

eta breed ?....brown ones

What tooth paste are you using? Laughing

The modern hybrid meat breeds, including chickens don't need much stress if any to have a heart attack.

That's it, the minty-freshness & my Ultrabrite smile were too much

Well, GF dispatched her late last evening,

No more picking up birds, & a little less toothpaste.....lesson learnt
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