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Maxwell Smart

Porcelain Recycling

Does anybody know if it's possible to recycle porcelain in the UK? I'm thinking largish volumes - not the odd coffee cup...

I know that it can be done and is done but question is where....


Not heard of it anywhere

Me neither. Ceramic stuff usually goes for hardcore or landfill.

I think that potters use some. You can mix it in with new clay, a bit like adding cullet to glass. Can't imagine that it would use huge amounts though. Might be worth Pming gz, she does pottery/ceramics.

tahir wrote:
Not heard of it anywhere

There was some being done at the school fair on Saturday...

When fired clay is used as Grog, to reduce the shrinkage ,improve thermal shock resistance and enable the making of bigger pots, it wont be glazed ex-pots.

I was nearly right then. Smile

There is a firm in Derbyshire near hopton village that pulverise belfastsink seconds etc and turn it into bagged dust and then sell it on to be reused in the pottery business in Stoke on trent I assume. It's one of the noisiest dusty places I worked at. I'll see if I can remember the name

Remembered the firms name see :

put through a crusher i recon it could have lots of second uses

recon it would make good aggregate in concrete at 10mm to dust or as bigger lumps in gabions as a barrier for tide or flow
a good heat sink /refractory

might look cute bonded in resin as tile or such
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