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Portion size - cous cous

Putting together a mega shopping list for our silly season. How much dry cous cous would you consider a healthy portion per person when used as a main dish combined with veggies?

I would go with a decent handful per person, no idea what that weighs but that's how I measure it out at home

We generally use 75g a person for pasta, rice or bulgar I would expect the same is true for cous cous

i was about to say 80 gm,but i spose it depends on the size and appetite of the diner.

as a toddler or grannie portion that might be too large (40 gm)but for touring cyclists or lumberjacks far too small (120 gm)

perhaps adjust between those depending on who you expect for dinner

it is cheap and keeps well so getting too much is not too bad if you have a dry store to keep it in .

as to how much to cook for a persons meal i spose you should assess that on an individual basis

We bought (he bought, in fact) a jar of Ainsley Harriott couscous from Costco for a party, and it says 1.5kg is 30 servings

I can only presume that Ainsley Harriot eats like a dormouse then! The rest of you too!

Either that, or the mouths I feed are all just piggies. Last night's experiment gave me 8 portions from a 1kg box, making 125g per head.

To be fair, I feed young men who've been doing physical work all day.

I work on 166g/head for rice / pasta (6 portions per kg pack) or 125g of dry porridge oats, so I suppose it figures.

Thanks for all the input. If nothing else it's just made me realise how much this household consumes!
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