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Possible odd question about microgeneration CME resilience

and for those who don't know CME is "Coronal Mass Ejection", i.e. a major solar storm. They're a problem for power companies because as they hit the Earth they generate power surges in cables and can lead to fires, circuits tripping out etc. The usual approach for power companies is to turn everything on when one is expected so that the system is as large as possible to absorb any impact.

Microgeneration doesn't have that resilience that the grid has so could they experience any problems from that. The last solar maximum was unusually quiet so it may be a case that we were lucky this time but could it be an issue?

As far as I'm aware micro generators probably have very good surge protection built in but it is a relative unknown.

i suspect that a major cme will cause many problems not just to power grid systems.there has been some work on satellite robustness which indicates many would be cooked ,as to pv systems i would think that they are not very robust ,anything with coils (windmills ,water turbines etc )would be at risk unless hardened like military stuff that has been built to survive the emp of an airburst nuke.

spose we will test the stuff when it happens as ive not read anything about testing for the issues

i half suspect anything from a starter motor to a pooter might be affected with a big un

I think you will find that on such small lengths of cable found in small PV systems there is no real problem.

On the grid its a big issue as they have miles of collector (cables).

my thinking with pv was it might be the panels that would "cook" and the coils in other stuff but it seems long lines are the weakest link with the cme events

electronics and phone swithgear are the target with airburst nukes (or emp generator for more localized effects)for an emp attack but phone lines and grid connections are vulnerable to cme events



those cover the basics of each ,they affect different things differently but cme events have an emp componant if i understand the physics correctly

pv panel effects perhaps

We're all doomed.

maybe not doomed but probably made a bit uncomfortable and urban areas might be rather "interesting"
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