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Pot supplies

I'm after some large black pots, around the 30 liter size for potting up bare root trees for a season or two. I've been given some and bought some 20l ones 2nd hand but it looks like I'll have to buy some new ones.

Can anyone recommend anywhere, good quality and a reasonable price? I'm after about 20 30/35l and I could do with some more 20/25l ones as well..

i was wondering about your requirements Laughing Laughing Laughing

25litre drums with the end cut off?

I used to buy all of mine from Lowes of Dundee.
Last time I had dealings they where a good firm to deal with & competitive for price.

25litre drums with the end cut off?

Probably more hassle than it's worth. Where would I get the drums from?

The pots are about 3 each and should last a decade or two, so worth it.

Lowes wants me to register as a trade customer before showing what they stock.

Scots Plants Direct looks the best bet I've found so far:

Thankfully my slave moles are busily making mole hill potting compost for me to fill them with. Cool Laughing
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