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Potting on propagated seedlings

I've managed to propagate some tip cuttings of Salvia 'Hot lips' on the bathroom windowsill.

I've released them from their ploy-bag propagator and they're starting to head for the light.
When/how should I move them on?

Slightly bigger pot?
Still indoors or shaded outdoors?

Never had success before so I don't want to kill them!

Thanks, EV

Have you more than one cutting in a pot? If so you need to separate them very carefully before potting on to slightly bigger pots. Keep out of direct sunight for a day or two after transplanting, then they should be ok.
If you've just single cuttings in pots them wait until the roots begin to show out the bottom of the pots before transplanting.
Either way, if they are starting to get straggly they need more light and less heat.

iirc enough light is fairly bright but not scorching ,moist but not swampy, the pretty ones are fairly low input plants for both care and feeding .

some of the salvias have a quite interesting alkaloid profile but those ones are pretty rather than active .

Four cuttings in the pot Otleylad.
I'm going to tackle the transplanting later this evening as they're growing mm's every day.

The parent plant outside is on the verge of flowering but last year it flowered through to November, so maybe the children will produce a few flowers later on in the season.

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