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Poultry processing Equipment for sale.


After finishing my farming operations and going back to my old business of Electrician and Heating engineer I have decided it is time to sell all my processing equipment.

I had an EHO approved facility and all the equipment to process chicken and Turkey.

I currently have for sale:

1 x 230v 9kw scald tank
1 x 230v Wet bowl plucker
1 x 3m x 3m cold room (the size can be changed as the panel clip together. This is a floorless unit so mobile racks can be wheeled in and out
1 x 230v wing and hock finisher
1 x 4 cone killing cones with blood tray
1 x 230v electric stunner.
3 x mobile poultry hanging racks.
3 x SS tables
1 x commercial vacuum packer
2 x SS hand wash knee operated basins
1 x commercial washing up sink.

If any one is interested then please send me a message, I am based just outside of Swansea and collection would need to be arranged.
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