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Power consumtion of fridges

When we convert the barn I'm wondering whether we can get away without a fridge by having an old fashioned larder with marble or stone shelves and open to the cold from the outside. It would be on a north facing wall and well insulated from the heat of the house. Also I might try to set up some kind of water evaporation to help the cooling along. Does this sound bonkers? Does anyone live without a fridge?
Thanks all.

BTW, how can you work out how much elec your fridge uses?

There was a thread on this about a year ago exactly (doing without a fridge), and about old-fashioned larders.

I must admit I didn't switch my fridge off over the winter as I had intended. It alone is responsible for at least a third of my daily electricity use.

Standard house hold fridge about 30-40 per year (about what you can save by not leaving the tv video dvd digibox on standby). If you look at all new ones thay have to have a rating on them (A B C D etc) they also have an estimated anual consumption in Kw add a bit on to this & you wont be far out.


PS on older fridges get a powa saver plug but dont bother on newer ones that are A & AA rated (they will still save but not enough to make it cost efective)

I did without for about 10 years, Bois, and then bought a fridge/freezer from Comet, rated ' A' 292kwh a year (about 30) c osting 150.
It helps with a glut of fruit and veg, and this time of year before the main crops come in, tho fridge part is mostly empty.

Buy a Killawatt.

It shows you exactly how much electricity your appliance is using.

We lived offshore for four years, and had no fridge - only a generator for electricity, but we did run a freezer.

One room was north facing with slate slabs and these were pretty effective at keeping stuff cool. We kept the milk churns imersed (uo to the lid) in cols water. Seemed to work alright. We all survived and no food poisoning. Just be aware that things won't keep as long as they will in a fridge.

Make adjustments to the way you harvest veg, for example pull up plants with the roots on and put them in water. We have kept lettuce for up to a week like that.

Yes it can be done. Good on you for making the effort. It is all too easy to be lazy and rely on things that really aren't essential.

We left part of our North wall uninsulated and insulated the cupboard door in the kitchen and it work great, saves me having to go outside to get things in the winter.

We also use a fridge which runs on 12v and a car 12v cooler box for when we really need cold drinks. (Guests can' t live without ice!) We run both of them off the solar panels, but only in the summer when it's sunny and very hot.
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