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pre release pump

series three starts monday

is it fiction ?. i could not possible say, the story so far has been extremely close to the parts of the truth i know of from personally acquired knowledge and from academic study of the various aspects of history explored by mr newman that fall within my field of research.
some of the names have been changed a bit (some a lot, some not at all), some of the characters are stereotypical composites which adds up to a good way to tell the story in a way it can be told.

sometimes telling the truth is best done by telling stories.
the quiet american, a small town in germany and the various chronicles of basil seal are all a bit more composite than mr newman's work but you might see my train of thought.Laughing

Looks interesting, have managed to miss both previous series though.

linky to series one and two Wink

Is it broadly accurate? i could not possibly say

umm , some is probably very accurate, some is composite to describe the situation, some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty (and very dangeroos ), a few bits don't coincide with things i believe to be true about those times. a few things might be smoke and mirrors.

there is a lot that is not explored.

well done mr newman

if you are fresh to this stuff starting with the first two sets (you tube) might be a good move.
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