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Preserving fruit

I've still got another bottle of black currant and two or three of white currants to do. Spirits are usually vodka or French 'alcohol pour fruits'. Gooseberry gin is new this year. I usually leave them until before Christmas, mash them up and sieve through a bag, add a sugar solution and leave for another three months. Then chill. Then drink.

The black currant is basically Cassise and mixed very well with fizzy wine.


I made our annual supply of redcurrant jelly last week. It's awaiting labelling by someone with nicer handwriting than me.

Managed to get cherry and morello jam to set this year, jammed 6kg of apricots last night.

Gave away loads of morellos to people for cherry vodka/brandy
Jam Lady

Sour cherry and red wine jam, sour cherry berry red wine jelly, blueberry conserve.

Waiting for peaches to really come in, then they'll be the next preserves.
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