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pressure barrel disaster averted

as i was cleaning to get ready for a batch i noticed a stubborn streak which on closer examination was hiding a crack about a 1/4 the way round the base with a tiny ouze in the middle inch or so.

sooner or later it would have been rather messy when it failed under pressure and probably full

therefore today's non news is dogs not traumatised, man not beaten with a mop.

it looked like a close miss though:roll:

Like a pressure washer chamber?

I would very much not like being anywhere near a failure of one of those. Shocked


5 gallon beer barrel with a co2 injector, so not high pressure as we know it but enough to make a bit of a pop and expel the contents while doing a soda bottle rocket impersonation if the barrel fails, so i imagine it would be rather messy to be too close to it.

I gave up on barrels. One bottle failing makes a lot less mess of your house.

Close call DPack. Good job of your eagle eyes.
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