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Price for nucs


I have a few 6 frame nucs I need to sell, does anyone know what the going rate is for these at the moment? They are in reusable poly nuc boxes on 6 frames, lots of brood and stores.

Also if anyone is interested then I am happy to negotiate a price.

Last time I looked 150 to 200 some where asking more.
& the majority of those will have been reserved months ago.

If they are strong with young proven queens on six frames I wouldn't flinch at paying the top price if I was looking for bees.

If any one is interested then the above prices sound good, just send me a PM.

you usually pay less thank that here in RCT and that's from Trade, when buying from the likes of a Bee-keeper they are usually happy to re-coup the cost of Nuc & Frames, some are happy to give their bees for free as they are ready to more than 100 as many I have read in lots of other Forums have done so..

Where's RCT though?
Ty Gwyn

Where's RCT though?

Rhondda Cynon Taff-South Wales Valley`s.
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