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Pricing Gift Baskets?

Just making up some gift baskets of my soaps to send to a show at Caerphilly Castle this weekend, and I realise I don't know how best to price them. Does one normally make the individual item prices a bit cheaper so the basket represents a small saving, or do you round the price up to account for being in a basket all prettified? Confused
Sarah D

Price put up for the basket/presentation, etc I would have thought. I would price the soaps up individually, add together, then add on cost of basket, packaging, ribbons etc, then add on % on top for profit. That's my thoughts.

Yep - I would think price up too. You're adding value with the basket and the design/presentation as well as extra cost of the basket and trimmings. As Sarah says, take both into account. Very Happy

Put up the price, Sally. Many people think that more expensive things are 'better' and therefore better value. Look at the stupid prices on perfumes, etc.


ok, will give it a go. I'm not very good at pricing things up, but its worth a whirl! Laughing
Sarah D

Pricing up is the ahrdest part of any enterprise where the goods are home made; my views are coloured by the fact that I look at it and think "Well, I wouldn't pay that much for that, I can make it myself!" Not too helpful............
Have a look aroound the stalls at craft fairs, shops, internet and see what others are charging - usually much higher than I would charge. I'm too soft, and tend to let my things go too cheaply. I'll never get rich from it Laughing

I'm the same Embarassed I also feel bad about charging people a lot for something I enjoy doing anyway

Common problem !
Just sold a couple of items on eBay. At best I have covered my costs, If I include the 6 hours @ Sunday rate packaging them, searching the Internet for a courier who will take items 160 cm high (for under £100) I would be losing money.
Perhaps we ought to include the word "designer" in our advertising and quadruple our prices ?

Where's it going to, and when for? I may know a bloke with a 4x4...

Not wearing a burberry cap as well ? Laughing

Fraid not.

But, I'm serious. If it's en route anywhere..... ( I can hit you early in the New Year without trying), so it depends on the destination.

Lush always add up individual prices of the contents then whack on the cost of the pretty box, and people always buy their stuff. Go for it.
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