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printer doing blank stripes

Printer has just started doing blank stripes across the page, about a dozen about an inch apart..what needs cleaning? Ink supply ok

for a start go to printer control screen,find maintenance, see if it says anything useful such as ink low or "troubleshooting" if not >try test.if it fails then it isnt the image/words>

try clean in maintenance ,see if it works,>

if not try deep clean if it has such a setting>if it fails repeat

deep clean uses quite a bit of ink and if it does not cure it in a couple of goes chances are the head is properly knackered.some printers the head comes with the ink cartridge so a replacement will probably cure it ,some printers the head is either a separate unit or built in.

if it seems a replaceable head or built in one is trashed do some pricing to see if a new printer is a better idea than fixing that one .

ps i have killed quite a few (a lot of use and 300gm watercolour paper can do that but so can not using it for a few months) and replace is often cheaper than mend

hope some of the above helps.

ps just cos it says it has ink does not always mean it has but running out usually is a slow death by fading(or a missing colour)

I'll have a go at that dpack. It is a new printer, an Epson expression Home, only put three xl packs of ink through it so far.
The low ink indicator seems quite good and it is showing getting low on the black but not enough to give the early warning.
It is Linux friendly,but the instruction links are for windoze/mac!!
So I'll experiment and and hope.
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