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Printing booklets.

OK, not exactly an IT question, but I couldn't think where better to put it.
I want to print out a booklet. It is straightforward enough: scale the pages to A5 and print two on each side of A4.
The problem comes with larger booklets: the wad of pages becomes too thick to staple to.
Is the answer perhap to break it into smaller booklets and stick them together?
If so, then what is the optimum number of pages? And any other tips.

hot glue or ringbinding are relatively cheap options for up to quite a lot of pages

how many pages to a section depends on paper, etc etc etc . normal printer paper ie 80gm maybe a dozen sheets if you staple and a few more if you sew

At work we had a heavy duty stapler that would go through at least a quarter inch of pages.

Otherwise plastic comb binding is quite straightforward once you have the kit.

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