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Productive little trip

Family is away visiting the in laws so I took myself off for a bit of rock fishing for mackerel.

Got the shock of my life when I caught a 2.5lb pollack!

Wasn't really prepared for it so a bit of a fight followed by a scramble down to the waters edge to pluck it from the sea - result!

Got a nice little mackerel for tonight's supper as well, pics later. Laughing

Wonder how Richard's getting on? Smile

Nice work

Thanks, got two great fillets from the pollack, never tried it before but it looks like it would stand up to a nice beer batter - good meaty fillets

wonder if a bit of salting would help?

Pics aren't great sorry, camera has gone off with tribe jonnyboy, so I only have one from the phone.
Barefoot Andrew

Re: Productive little trip

Jonnyboy wrote:
Got the shock of my life when I caught a 2.5lb pollack!

Excellent. We're all coming to tea.

Cathryn wrote:
Wonder how Richard's getting on? Smile

Not had time to do any more.


where there is one there will be more they are pack animals
pollack are ok
bbq is good .lime sauce covers the dryness of the meat
some can be quite large as small fish go but come in as deadwieght on medium tackle
will take feathers /lask / fish but are very prone to ragworm or even a rubber worm
a bit heavey for light makerel tackle

pollack is good, if perhaps a little coarse. coley is better, but not so plentiful.

both these are much underated.

Well done Johnnyboy, both species plentiful and delicious. I go fishing about once a week at least and I'd probably fish more except that each session is so bountyful that I wouldn't be able to eat more--I hate waste. I really ought to bring cold beer with me next time just to look quintessential and contemplative and escape the wife of course.
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