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Progress report?

Where is everyone up to with seed sowing so far?

I'm all discombobulated. New house, new microclimate, new "patio garden". I'm considering lashing together some large bags of compost and basically having giant growbags. I also have two sacks of "dumpy bag fabric" which I think should give enough drainage without cutting them?

So far growing I have a little bit of yacon, and peas of various names. I did sow some Strange Things but then the temperature dropped so I'm not sure if that would hinder them. We're currently getting a lot of weather!

Not sure whether to attempt tomatoes or not. I've got some perennials in mind for along the south-facing fence....

Nothing yet - still clearing the beds from last year, and moving/splitting perennials. Got a hedge to cut, a lawn to mow, and a greenhouse to clear and clean.

I'm sure I will regret not getting an earlier start when for the umpteenth year, I have to make green tomato chutney.
Really must sow some salad leaves; the price of lettuce is ridiculous.

That's a point, when can you start cutting privet hedges? I've inherited a very straight, neat one...

Just received 6"-8" of very wet snow......

But tucked away in a greenhouse elsewhere are some sweet peas, kale, parsley and peppers. Really just the kale and sweet peas up so far.

Tucked away in another greenhouse elsewhere-elsewhere are some yarrow, nigella, calendula, and centaurea - none of which are up yet.
wellington womble

Carrots. Tardy again.

I have baby chicks though. (Oh, and garlic. Does that count?)

Garlic always counts!
Mistress Rose

I have onion sets just thinking about doing something. I was worried about them, so went hunting and found one with a nice firm shoot. Also kale and purple sprouter seeds up, spinach seeds for young leaves just starting. Hope to get some potatoes in the prepared bed today, and want to try sowing root vegetables in seed trays as I seem to have very poor germination in the ground. I will sow in the ground as well, and if I am lucky, I will get some crops, unlike last year when all I got was salsify.

I managed to plant our potatoes during the week, first things in the new veg bed that's being constructed. Garlic growing nicely in the other bed and I've planted out about 50 asparagus plants (it seems mostly for the slugs). 'Barb to go in this week.

A few types of chillies, some toms, onlion sets, shallots, peas, yacon, oca etc growing in pots/cells in the greenhouse. Salad to go in this week and I must start off some perrenial cabbage/kale stuff.

I don't know when it is best to cut a hedge.

I cut mine whenever I get the time or inclination, and it still grows. There seems to be quite a lot of it, so I do a bit at a time, by hand. Current hedge is mixed beech, escallonia, rowan, holly and other.

Our windowsills are full of various tomato, chillie , pepper and flower seedlings. The cold frame is full of b/beans,various greens and sweetpeas.
I have sown carrots, spring onions, spinach, beetroot and turnips in one of the raised beds at the allotment, and Barrie has planted the early spuds.
i was hoping to sow some early beans in the polytunnel, but the forcast is for more cold weather. Sad

I've sown another tray of "outdoor" things (beetroot, chard, some herbs, carrots) but think I'll hold back on "hot" crops - peppers, toms, etc.
Main problem being not having a hothouse Laughing Rolling Eyes

I've also been trying to work out how to get a bulk dumpy bag of muck/compost to the back of a terrace Confused

privet can be cut anytime but the last cut of the year (oct/nov) will be the shape and "cover" it has all winter so go lightly with late cuts unless you like sticks

so far :

a planter of peas in a warmish spot
6 spuds went into a fish box today
60 onion setts into 2 fish boxes today, they are quite tightly spaced but i thin them as salad/stirfry onions and should get about half up to a decent size
repotted a 3 yr old bullace

i will wait a week or so before starting the mustard, radish rolling program

toms i hope to get a couple of big boys from our veg suppliers in a month or so and if the chillies fail to germinate (not looking promising so far) a few chilli plants from them as well.

no garlic or any courgettes planned (pretty dismal showing last year) so i need to think what will go in those spaces this year

Later than usual this year due to illness but have on the go:

In the polytunnel - Garlic planted in October is doing well.
In the greenhouse:
Chillis, Toms (3 varieties), Peas, Broad Beans, Rocket, Calabresse, Spinach, Leeks & Beetroot.
Started potting up the Toms (sown in seed trays) and will then sow this week:
Courgette, Winter Squash, Lettuce, French Beans, Kohl Rabi, Cucucmbers and more BBs, Peas & Beetrrot.

We're getting PSB every day now - sown last May but a great crop to have this time of year (along with Leeks).

I've done my chillis (several varieties including Carolina Reaper Very Happy) and some tomatoes. Runners I'll be doing this coming weekend.

Small peas of various types planted out, and more peas of different various types sown...

3 things up in the chilli dept (probably chillies but hard to tell at that stage)

first mange tout peas about 2" tall (soak before planting helps make em quick )

i recon on planting the first round of mustard and radish in the next few days, then weekly after that

Just finished clearing beds/greenhouse, and still hedge-cutting.
Nothing's getting sown or planted outside till May.

I really should start some seeds off indoors, though. Or in the potting shed.

I have madder growing quite vigorously- which is nice because I thought I had dug it all up!
Mistress Rose

If madder roots are anything like Ladies Bedstraw, which is of the same family, that is very hard to do.

My onion sets are coming up quite well now. No sign of the root vegetables, but I live in hopes. Cabbages and spinach doing well in the greenhouse.

Weather and damp has returned, so seedlings aren't going out to play today (so far beetroot and chinese cabbage have emergd)
Nothing seems to have eaten the planted-ou peas. Yet.

I'm still holding off just a little longer before I plant my indigo seeds

two out of three are alive and look like chilli leaves

peas in a trough doing well (edit peas in bramble hedge eaten by sammy mouse )

a few onion tips are showing

more stuff to go in is waiting and needs getting but getting might be plants in a few weeks rather than seeds now.

The greenhouse is looking healhy with rows of seedlings on the shelves growing nicely now. The courgettes, cucumbers, squash are coming up now too; once they are out of the propagator its time for Sweetcorn and French Beans.
Made pots of Broccoli and Stilton soup (for the freezer) from the PSB glut - must remmeber to sow them again in May for next years spring crop.
Bit miffed that I bought a fresh packet of Medania spinach seeds (T & M) and from 18 pots (3 seeds in each pot) just 6 seedlings have germinated - thats approx 11% - rubbish! I often find T & M seeds to be expensive and poor quality. I'll take them back to the garden centre for a refund.
By way of contrast I have a large pack of Norli mangetout peas from Molesseeds that I have had for nearly 10 years (stored in the open packet that they arrived in) - year after year they still germinate and grow well!
Mistress Rose

I am afraid I have found T&M seeds rather reluctant to germinate, which is why I tend to buy the cheaper, but other well known varieties like Suttons etc. I always germinate pea and bean seeds in the house as the mice go for them, even in the greenhouse. Our next door neighbour when we first came here warned us about that, and he was right; the little beasts had our open ground planted seeds the first year and we had to resow in pots and plant out.

I always germinate pea and bean seeds in the house as the mice go for them, even in the greenhouse. Our next door neighbour when we first came here warned us about that, and he was right; the little beasts had our open ground planted seeds the first year and we had to resow in pots and plant out.

Its for that very same reason I sow in pots in the greenhouse. My garden is a haven for wildlife - mice, rats, rabbits, pigeons - all who have the same taste in fruit and veg as we do!

t and m never seem to do well since the early 1970's when there was a change of management. best avoided.

cornus mas is flowering, daffodils and tulips are emerging but still a ways away from flowering

I saw some hepatica blooming in a very warm spot in the woods this afternoon

Here's some happy picks of this years seedlings:


Oh, you're well ahead! I haven't done anything about squashes yet.

Also I think we're due a cold snap tonight?

I've a small electric fan heater (with a thermostat) in the greenhouse to keep the cold at bay. I think it was 10 or even less.

a very impressive collection of plants Cool

i am not going to embarrass myself with a photo of my 2 mini chilli seedlings Laughing

I've accidentally bought some selling-off-stock fruit trees, which sliiiiightly reduces available growing space :O
Mistress Rose

How do you 'accidentally' buy fruit trees, or did you take them on out of pity? Very Happy

How do you 'accidentally' buy fruit trees

They sometimes just fall in your trolley as you walk past them and you do realise until you're loading them in to the car. Very Happy

the onion setts have a 95% + sprouting result Cool

as i have limited space most are destined for eating as "spring" onions although some will be allowed to grow on to a middling size

Suttons are/were selling all sorts for a fiver Smile Mistress Rose

I see Sgt. Colon, at least I think I do. Laughing

Dpack, you have a good sprouting record. Mine are coming up nicely now, but don't think I have that good a performance. There may still be a few to come though.

with peas and beans 24 hrs in tepid water to hydrate them before planting seems to help a lot with germination rates.

if you could see my very sorry looking 2 out of 14 result for chilli seeds my overall germination rating might drop quite a bit.

spuds are showing first tips above soil Cool

Are some "eating" potatoes treated to prevent sprouting? I chucked a couple of "anya" spuds in a pot (too many in bag to eat!) but absolutely nothing yet. dpack

my ones had been scrubbed before packing and seemed very keen on sprouting in the cloth spud bag. sean

Sprout suppression OtleyLad

Sprout suppression

I had no idea that there were such things Surprised
Can I assume they are used routinely? If so is there any labelling that indicates what has been used?

Would organic spuds not be treated in this way?
Mistress Rose

Some sort of sprout suppression has been used for years. In the late 1950s, when we used to usually grow all out own potatoes in the UK, there was a crop failure and potatoes were allowed to be imported for eating only. All of them were treated to stop them being used as seed to avoid importing pests and diseases.
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