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Proper aged beef

Blinking nora!
Rob R

No wonder Clarkson kicked off.

"Cross sees his 150-plus-day steaks so far only served to guinea pigs as a future tasting menu item, which will be served in small portions with, say, a few pickled blueberrries. "

i dont think miriam dustpoodle or olive croutons would like that in the slightest Surprised


1. I thought guinea pigs were vegetarian - obviously not

2. Marbled fat is needed - hence the abattoir telling us that if they hung the Soay mutton carcase for more than a week it wouldn't be any gain, just dry out. (Low fat meat.)

3. Blood soup and maggot cheese anyone?

Other than that - all this stuff about "blue cheese notes" in the beef. I react to that the same way as I do to "notes of blackcurrant" in red wine. Why not just eat blue cheese or blackcurrants, huh?

Does that mean grass fed makes better jerky?

Does that mean grass fed makes better jerky?

grass fed makes ace jerky be it beef or baah snacks

normal guinea pigs are vegan ,one of them would chow a big fly or catterpillar now and again but the rest of the many dozens i have known have been very very vegan
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