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Pseudocraterellus sinuosus

I think I found some of these last Sat. Page 192 Rogers Phillips book. (Pseudocraterellus sinuosus) First time. They where darker than the ones in the book allmost black. Deciduous woodland. About 1.5cm big. Not many, only abot 5 mushrooms found.
I wanted to post a picture but I put them in my jacket pocket so not to get lost in my basket, unfortunately they got squashed and covered in tabaco.
Heres a picture of Angel as a baby with Orange Birch Boletes instead.

Ah, orange birch boletes. Not many over here, but it's always an exciting moment when you catch a glimpse of them in the distance.

Never got as big as yours, though.

I find when I'm bending down to pick the mushrooms is when I see more around. Sometimes I get right down to mushroom level and have a good look about. Often with results.

me to i all way get down low so to speak to hunt i allso take my whippit who has a rare tallent for finding all kinds of fungi, even tho i have never trained him to look for them he just seems to find them will chasing birds and squirrels comesback all excited and drags me to his latest find lol wierd thing is he seems to know the toxic ones to the good eaters

lol how old is u little one in that pic mate coz i tell u what in your other post of her standing in the cluster of black trumpets she looks just like my 5 year old , in fact she is wareing that outfit and her hair is the same in a pic i have of her lol

I found some of these pseudocratlelus too, and I've posted some pictures on a previous post. There were a lot of them though, a good hundred or so over a coulpe of suare meters
Are they the same ones?
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