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Public liability insurance for walks

Could anyone help, have asked at Manchester tourist info and they were no help. If a person wanted to set up an "historic walk" or "ghost walk" type of thing to show visitors around an interesting area for , say , a fiver a head would you need insurance in case someone fell on the pavement or whatever? I have a sort of idea for the future as I know a fair bit of local history that might be of interest to groups. Yes, there are a lot of organised walks on lots of topics around Manchester already but I would still like to know. Have not been in touch with any insurance companies yet, but if I enquire they may "sell" me a product that I don't need.

I would of thought almost certianly if you are charging for walks then ypu will need insurance, you might get away with a donation based system but that would be risky.
Mistress Rose

I would say you need insurance too. If you are intending to go off normal roads you may also need specific permission too. Country parks, parks, etc. may have rules about requirements; if we have a meeting at our country park they need to know and rough numbers too. If you are crossing or visiting any private property, even if it is normally open to the public, you need to contact the owner too.

Sound advice and am sure that you are right, you can't do anything these days without correct policy. Will find out more,thanks.
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