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Have found a puffball growing along my drive. Should I leave this one in the hope that it will lead to a host of others?

imho eat it when it is still youngish and before the insides get sporey.

if you cut it rather than tear it uo you wont damage the mycellium underground and may well get several more.

if you have several at a go leave one to spore in the hope of next years crop nearby is sensible
Mistress Rose

I would agree with that.
Jam Lady

One October I found a giant puffball

That's my friend holding it.

I was not impressed with the flavor. More of a non-flavor that takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. So I wasn't at all sad when it never made another appearance.

Chanterelles, now, or chicken of the woods, or hen of the woods, now those are a different story.

that one is a big un,for eating i recon they are best when about 8 in/200mm across.

they are a bit bland but fried as slices in bacon fat or cubed in a tomato and herb sauce they are among the better low flavoured shrooms as the texture is quite nice.
Jam Lady

It was in prime condition.


yep it was,very splendid

i spose it might be the weather being generally cooler during the puffball season or local variations in the strain but yorkshire ones are usually getting towards spores if they have got that big.they dont often get as big as that one ,perhaps the ones i see tend to get eaten asap. Laughing

I just found a small handful of chanterelles last night. Hoping for more in the coming week(s)
Mistress Rose

We found a puff ball in the woods once and I wasn't that impressed with it either. I hollowed it out and added some mince, onions and other mushrooms then baked it in the oven. If we ever find another, I might try the bacon fat method.

Following on...we have a line of little white mushrooms growing along the base of the log roll dividing the flower bed from the lawn. The mushrooms are growing in the grass of the lawn, right up against the wooden log roll. Chickens have ignored them so I'm guessing they're not edible. I'm not going to - just in case.
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