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purchasing a property solicitor costs.


Just wondered if anyone has encountered the same situation as myself.

Received a quote for solicitors costs regards purchasing a property below 250K, the total solicitor cost 500 +vat (not inc disbursements) Nov 13.

We have found a property, however today their charges are; 650 +vat, Plus 200 + vat cause the property has 2.5 acres of land, thought this was a mistake so I phone them up, they said the extra 200 was because they have to search what the land is used for! Didn't get a satisfactory answer their other increase in costs.

Has anyone else a similar situation.

Many thanks

It is true, they will have to do searches on the land as well as the property and the searches for land or mixed use properties are often more expensive than residential properties alone

Also we've just gone through the start of the year and alot of search companies and councils have just put their prices up
Mistress Rose

If you are concerned, you can always ask for a quote from a different solicitor. You can also query why they have changed the price, and insist that you have a quote not an estimate so that there will be no increase from this.

Haven't needed to use a solicitor for a few years, but when we bought the woods there were several odd things to check, like rights to access, a certain route that seems to have no owner, and a few other odd things.
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