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Pure Gluttony

I have five woodcock, and I'm not sharing any.

Did you shoot them yourself?

A few days ago in the snow they were so hungry and cold that they were in danger of being driven over them with the quad. Today I watched five of them streak across the hill.

Five, what will you do with them. I have never tried them.

No, TBH I wouldn't shoot that many in one go, but they were delivered FOC so I wasn't arguing.

Cathryn, I only ever roast them whole. with the trail in, and then eat off a piece of fried bread, with some red currant jelly or onion marmalade.

Lucky bugger. I'll just have to settle for a couple of tins of anchovies and some scrambled eggs.
Did see one out shooting on Thursday, but it wasn't a safe shot.

Four Pheasants hanging...

good job I don't drop my h's - that would sound bad

Rolling Eyes

om, nom...
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