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Quarry tiles

Can anyone recommend anywhere that sells good quality quarry tiles? I'm considering them for a kitchen, pantry, conservatory, hall and bathroom! Something like 70m so price is important.

I'd like a nice red, I don't mind brown or orange tinges but don't like the ones that look pink.

Also, those who've installed them, did you seal them and, if so, what with?

i cant remember the makes available but when it comes to sealants (if the tile requires it some dont) get a non slip sort, the slippy option might look nice and shiney but is dreadful under a damp shoe etc and is hard to remedy.

my recent tile buying has been at a local shop up the road which does not help much .

the online samples i got first were ok but quite a bit more expensive for similar quality. however i only needed 5 m2 so i got an end of batch deal whereas you need a lot so that probably wont apply.

for 70m2 price matters a lot but so does quality .if you are getting somebody to cut and lay i would let them check any samples you get before ordering it might not be the most expensive or the cheapest they will choose but they will go for the ones that cut well on the saw or nibble well for curved or odd shaped bits .

for an area that size i would be thinking of the larger sorts of tiles but i would also consider the fancy concrete options and if price was not too much of an issue perhaps even natural stone as large tiles or smallish flags.

ps fired earth do some nice tiles but they are not cheap( 80 to 120 per m2)

some of the spanish and italian tile makers have similar quality for around half the cost.

for that amount direct to the manufacturers might be worth exploring.
Ty Gwyn

What thickness are quarry tiles these day`s?

The ones down in the kitchen here are 1 1/4in thick,JCE make.

Have you thought about reclamation places ...I'm pretty sure I've seen stacks of them in our local one up here.


Modern day tiles that I've seen are much thinner than old ones, although they are far more even in size, shape and thickness.

I've repaired an area of old quarry tile floor buy using reclaimed but found them not a uniform size and required a bit of trimming and cleaning so I would want to use them for a whole floor. I also found them hard to track down so I doubt I could get enough for s single room.

For such a large area you should be able to negotiate a favourable price.
Phone around local tiling firms & builders merchants & play them against each other.
When I tiled my kitchen (19ft x 12 ft) with quarry tiles the best quote I got was from Jewsons but that was thirty five years ago.

I've done a couple of paths and hearths in quarry tiles.
I use my local long established tile shop (as opposed to Tiles-r-us or Tile Megastore or whatever) They probably aren't the cheapest, but I know they only sell quality.
As for sealant, I use whatever said shop sells. Brand does change. IIRC is about 30 for 500ml but will go a loooong way.
Can get wet look/colour enhancing or not wet look. I've done side by side comparisons and there often isn't much, if any, difference.
Seal before laying as will make grouting easier.

Don't use Thompsons water seal. I tried it once in 'an emergency' and it took 3 or 4 coats before water would bead on it. The proper stuff makes water bead with one coat.

I don't really know of any long established tile shops around me but I'll ask a couple of builders I know.

Thanks for the tip about sealing before fitting, sounds obvious but I hadn't thought of it.

I've used thsi lot before:

They send samples quite quickly
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