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Queen bee needed

Both my hives are queenless after swarming and failing to produce a mated queen. If there's anyone in the Mid Wales / Shropshire area with a spare queen, perhaps combining colonies, or knows where I can get one please contact me.
thank you

It's late in the year to find a mated queen & to late to rear one from donated eggs.
I've found this ad on Bid for bees.
Seems a lot of money to me, & I've heard first cross Buckfast bees can be bad tempered but in an emergency better than nothing.

That is very expensive.

I bought a lovely queen a year ago from a queen rearer in Devon for around 20 (not as late in the season as this though).
Sally Too

It's been a very bad year. I guess the price of queens could justifiably go up as a result.

It's been a very bad year. I guess the price of queens could justifiably go up as a result.

Indeed, & also because a lot more people are taking up the craft because of the extra publicity bees have had over the last few years.
If all else fails uniting them with a neighbours queen right bees, & then having a couple of splits back in the spring is an option.
It would be a set back but at least you wont be wiped out.
It's moments like this where being part of a group, even if it's informal, can be a big advantage.

Thanks for the replies.
I've luckily been offered one from a fellow association member who lives not far from me. I rescued a swarm of his last year so he owes me one anyway and is combining some hives later in the week.
fingers crossed it works.

Well I thought it was sorted.

Had an email from him last night saying he's got a problem with his hives too so mine are still queenless.

Hi DogWalker.

We are based in Carmarthenshire, let me know your e-mail address and I will see if I can sort out a queen for you.

No problem sending it though the post so distance is not a problem.


New queen installed and fingers crossed it works.
Thank you for your help Mark.
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