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Query ?

What's an egg? Rolling Eyes

Well ! We haven't had an egg from our forty odd chickens for over three weeks now and I'm becoming increasingly embarrassed every time I have to turn 'egg seekers' away from the farm gate. I'm running short of excuses and promises.
The chickens are heavily in moult and to make matters worse, even our usually dependable orchard ducks have gone on strike too. Lets face it girls, one egg a day from seventeen of you isn't good!
The real low point came last week when I was seen sneaking into the local convenience store to buy half a dozen eggs over the counter. It was the first time in nearly thirty years that shop bought eggs have entered our kitchen. Oh the shame of it all.
There they are sitting in our kitchen staring at me as I type, they seem to have an evil presence. I can almost feel their imaginary eyes following me around the room and though they might be sniggering at me now, tonight I'll get my own back. I'm going to smash 'em' on the head and stick 'em' into a nice egg fried rice.


in moult,short days ,you answered the reasons but tis still a bit odd that there is a total all out strike.

grannie said the extra light with a timer and lamp thing was not worth the electric but with led lamps that may not be the situation.

i suspect a few weeks of getting new clothes will sort matters.

I know some of mine are laying and I know they are not laying where they should be! Spaniel's coat is looking glossy though. Rolling Eyes

I'm normally OK for eggs at this time of the year. I usually hatch chicks in April and May, which see the pullets laying through the winter months but I had some health problems at the beginning the summer, which saw me pulling the plugs on the incubators. I haven't hatched a single chick or duckling this year and consequently, I'm reaping the rewards of my inactivity.

I'm still getting a few eggs too....but it's only a matter of time now before the hens are imitating hedgehogs Confused

Our layers haven't laid for a couple of months, however our outdoor birds still turn up with a few littl'uns in tow....don't know where they lay but we hear them squawking afterwards
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