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Kieran is bag packing with wadebridge Camels rugby club at Tesco's today.

45 mins waiting in the queue at checkouts, every till manned and not a space in the car park at 1pm.

Scary....and its only the 22nd!

People have half a stone or more to put on in a few short days and the world might end. I for one will not be denied entertainment value watching sheep panicking.

I was in town yesterday, and the supermarket was pretty quiet. Town was quiet in general. Same again today, both there and in another.

I suspect Thursday and Friday might be the busy ones here.

So far as I could tell the queue for one of the multi-storey car parks in Cambridge yesterday must have been two hours (in that one car had moved less than half the distance required to get there during my hour long lunch break).

How the heck do people stick that out?

Have been told our Extra store has been queued out car park, but the smaller in town shop is quiet.

I popped in to Sainsbury's for a few things today and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too busy at all. The check outs where all busy but everyone was in a happy mood and being patient and polite. (Mind you, I made Sean wait in the car or that wouldn't have been the case).
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