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quince and nut delight

i have a quince recipe

equal wts of quince jelly (sean's recipe) and chopped mixed nuts, mix while jelly still warm.

press into tin or bowl lined with non stick baking paper
leave to set overnight in a cool place

quite a lot of icing sugar, sharp small knife ,sieve, access to a tap(this bit is rather sticky)

dust a thick layer of icing sugar onto a work surface and cut slab into bite sized bits.

dust more icing sugar over lumps

roll lumps into balls and place in a storage container half filled with icing sugar,
try to avoid balls touching , cover with more dusted icing sugar .

shake gently every few hours until balls have a dry even surface

store in icing sugar

very like real turkish delight but quince flavour ie utterly yummy

ps one ot two at a time is probably enough, but they are a bit moreish.

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