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rabbit snares with stops


I don't care for the use of snares, personally. Too great a chance of trapping non-target species, and even if released the stress they suffer is enormous. Even for the target species, I don't myself feel comfortable with it.

I much prefer the .17 HMR, or the drop trap where necessary.

Stop-snares are legal and I'm not passing comment on anyone using them, just not comfortable doing so myself. Probably not a particularly logical or consistent thing for me to believe, but harms nobody bar myself.
Le Loup

Snares and Target Animals.

I don't see a problem using snares on a warren, there is little chance of catching anything else unless it is a feral cat sticking its head down the hole.
Neck snares are illegal here, only leg-hold allowed. I make my own snares from 7 strand brass picture hanging wire.
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