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Rabbits or Woodies for sale??

Is anyone shooting Rabbits or woodies in the Carmarthenshire area. If so I would be very interested in buying some.

I am based in SA18 but I travel to Carmarthen, the Gower and Bridgend areas.

Thank you

so say on lot of hunting places i visit they say south wales is bad for rabbits this year
only got 35 2 weeks ago and going again tomorrow see what we can get
Colin & Jan

Problem is the ground is so wet its impossible to get out at night with the vehicle. Have been trying to get out for the last eight weeks.

Have been shooting a few pigeons at night coming into roost but trying to decoy over rape when so much is grown around here is notoriously difficult.

Only 22 rabbits today not as good day


i can always get a few rabbits for you. if your still intrested, and im only in cross hands
Ty Gwyn

Talking about Rabbits,i`ve been living here for nearly 27yrs in November,and there have been flushes of rabbits,then they seemed to disappear,then come back,this year earlier back there were loads here,when i was muck spreading,they would be just watching me go around the fields,a nice country atmosphere.

The last few weeks i have found 3 near the yard and buildings with Mixy,i finished them off for pity`s sake.

Does Mixy have to be put down,or if it was put down once before,does it stay in the surroundings?

Starting to think that was the reason they have disappeared over the year`s,but i never found Mixy case`s before.

I think that it just comes and goes (Mixi, that is). It's carried by fleas isn't it? Once it's endemic in an area it just flares up when conditions are right.
Ty Gwyn

Thanks Sean,maybe the legacy of the warm summer we have had,never thought much about it before,as not seen any case`s here,such a terrible way to suffer,eyes bulging out,and skin and bones,even though they are surrounded by rich grass and clover,presume it does something to the nervous system?

it is a horrible death i imagine, and a .77 or .22 to the head is really the kindest thing to do. it is a man made disease is that correct i read it somewhere im sure

it is a man made disease is that correct i read it somewhere im sure

Nope, it's a natural disease. There was none in the UK though until it was introduced as a form of pest control.

Edit: I'm not usually one for citing Wikipedia but this isn't a bad summary. linky
Ty Gwyn

I thought it was first introduced in Australia to control their rabbit problem in the 50`s or even earlier.

Not just carried by fleas, mosquitoes too.
We had a pet rabbit die of mixy, vet found a mozzy bite on it's neck. Sad

i heard there is sort of a 7 year cycle on mixy so every 7ish years you will have loads of healthy rabbits then graduly there will be none visable then they will be in an abundance once again. a fb page im on some one posted pics of the organs in tact after gutting. they were all white spots over everything alot on liver etc sosay its a sign of mixy. im starting my ferrets working at the wekend see if there is anything out cirencester way as earlier this year when inspecting there was plenty of healthy huge rabbits. and so the owner says there is even more young than years before
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