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Colin & Jan


Wondering if the rest of the country is overrun with rabbits like East Kent? I have just started to do some serious rabbit control in the last few weeks and have shot close to 400 including one evening of 120 in four hours.

Have to admit that I have left most of them where they lay only taking a few three quarter grown ones for people who have requested them. This is vermin control in it's purest form and to be honest I am only scratching the surface at the moment. I'd much prefer to be shooting half-a-dozen at a time but the farmers have said either I do something about it or they will get someone else in. Trouble is very few people actually want them unless they have been dressed out. I don't mind gutting them at the end of the evening but skinning 50 or 60 for 1.50 each doesn't appeal.

why not get someone who needs the money to do it for you a pound a time 50 for a nights work for an unemployed person would be a god send.
If you lived in my area I would jump at the chance (and I work for myself)

Ditto nature, I can gut and skin a rabbit in less than thirty seconds, so fifty or a hundred in a night is no problem at all. If I were nearer I'd offer to come and lamp for you! Butchers around here are crying out for them, they can shift all you can shoot with no problem!
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