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radiator help

can anybody tell me how to go about shutting off single radiators.
we have a couple in our house that I think we could do without for a bit , to keep costs and oil usage down. just not sure how to shut them off??


Ummm, central heating radiators would normally have a valve with a hand-usable handle at one side (designs & appearance vary) and a "blank-looking" fitting at the other side... (hiding the balance adjustment valve -- which you shouldn't need to touch)

Turn off the hand valve by twisting it, in the same way (and direction) as you'd turn off a tap. It should turn fairly freely until it reaches the end (closing the valve, turning off the radiator). Avoid applying excess force or using tools...
You turn it on by rotating it as though turning on a tap...
The valve should move fairly freely...
After you've closed it (or opened it) fully -- its best to then back it off just a fraction (1/8th of a turn) to help avoid it sticking...

Also worth ensuring that your system can cope with these radiators being turned off. Some systems need at least one radiator on as a safety precaution and some systems have a radiator connected on the circuit that runs directly from the boiler. If your other radiators have TRVs on them and could possibly shut down you might get problems.

if the correct valves have been used the always on rad will have two valves needing a key or spanner ,if you id this one and leave it on ,turning off any or all the others should not be a problem but if in dought get it checked by a corgi plumber
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