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random tomato question

over the last couple of weeks half a dozen random tom seedlings have hatched in the various boxes and planters.they are either from "droppers" during last years dismal failure or from the guinea pig compost that underfills the containers.

the singles i have left in place and the clump of three has been successfully separated and they are now all in isolation or at a decent distance from quick crops (radish,spring onions) do the panel think it is worth nurturing them in the hope of a crop or should i just over-plant them with runner beans?

any advice will be thanked and noted

ps i have very limited sunny space so failures are a double loss .

pps the big boys have pole position in the sun and are doing well so far

Yes, I always save a few and I also plant some of the side shoots that I pick off the main tomato plants. You can never have enough tomatoes
Very Happy

Do you remember what varieties you grew last year?

Open-pollinated' like Ailsa Craig, Gardeners Delight, etc. will come true from seed if they were grown in relative isolation.
If the seedlings have only just popped up its getting late for them to have enough time to produce a decent crop. I've found the earlier I sow, the better the yields (talking February at the latest).

Then again you could just try your luck!

one was money maker,the other some sort of plum shaped thing.

what the g'pigs had for breakfast over a year ago is not even guesswork material

i know they are a bit late but they are growing fast

I've had some bad germination this year, but can't bear giving up on the pots entirely. So th compost gets chucked on the Bed of No Hope and they can fight it out there if they suddenly decide to grow. So farthere's a potato, which is odd because I didn't put it there. Waiting for a jerusalem artichoke comeback still...
wellington womble

I just found my interlopers in the carrot bed (there are no carrots, mind) I think I only grew san marzano and sungold last year, so goodness knows what they'll turn out to be. As there are no carrots, I might as well leave them and find out.
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