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Rare breed sheep and goat dispersal sale - Lanark

Just had this from the Soay and Boreray Sheep Society

"RBST Approved Conservation Farm Park Palacerigg Country Park is sadly having to disperse many of its rare breed livestock, namely North Ronaldsay sheep, Boreray sheep and Bagot goats at the Rare Breeds Sale on Saturday 29th August at Lanark Auction Mart - there is more information here:"

If you do know of anywhere else to post this that would nice.

The RBST website gives more information and Ruth Dalton of the RBST has details of all the animals for sale.

"There will be a rare opportunity to purchase some of the rarest breeds of sheep - Borerays and North Ronaldsays, and Bagot goats, at Lanark Rare Breeds Sale this year. Council cuts have sadly led to RBST Approved Farm Park, Palacerigg Country Park, near Cumbernauld, having to drastically reduce their numbers of Boreray and North Ronaldsay sheep and Bagot goats. The animals, which are all registered or birth notified, represent a significant percentage of the national populations, and RBST is keen to encourage genuine buyers who will breed these animals pure and register the offspring. "Bagots, Borerays and North Ronaldsays are all lovely breeds that thrive in a suitable environment with experienced keepers," says Ruth Dalton, Northern Field Officer for the RBST. "Palacerigg have worked hard over the last couple of years to increase their numbers of these breeds through careful breeding policies, and it is tragic that they are now being forced to sell most of their stock""
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