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raspberry recomendations?

As the name suggests....
Looking for good, reliable raspberry varieties.

should be desease resistant, good flavour, easy to grow & good yield. That should narrow it down.

Talk to the folk down your local allotment and beg some cuttings.

Autumn Bliss does well for me and crops into the late autumn (december las year!).
Has a longer season than summer varieties.
Mistress Rose

If you have room you could have both summer and autumn cropping ones. I can't suggest any varieties, as I havn't grown any for ages. As Hairyloon suggests, asking at your local allotments might be useful as they will know what grows well round your way. Otley Lads suggestion is also good, as I have heard that Autumn Bliss are a good variety. We had some of the first autumn fruiting ones that were just called Autumn, and they weren't bad.

Another vote for Autumn Bliss. Need less support than summer varieties too (books say no support required but ours do!). This year I'm trying someone on here's suggestion, by leaving some canes uncut in Feb so they'll fruit earlier, thus covering all bases Smile Hopefully!
Mistress Rose

Autumn varieties will fruit in summer. It depends to some extent on when you prune back the old canes.

Try "Tulameen"
lovely flavour and the fruit keeps its shape when picked.
Apparently it was originally just grown by commercial growers. I bought my first ones from a Dutch mail order company, but have just bought some canes in a local nursery
Nicky Colour it green

we have malling admiral - a summer fruiting one - vigorous, heavy crop, not killed it yet, and the fruit is tasty

in a fit of maddness - because we have freezers full of raspberries and dont need anymore, have recently planted autumn gold, an autumn fruiting yellow variety that is very sweet - yet to report how well that does

If you can grow it, it tastes good Cool

Thanks everyone. A local independent organic nursery has lots of autumn bliss & not a lot else...tells me something about what grows well for them.
Probably don't have room for too many, but I may try a few varieties & keep / propergate those that do well & taste good.

how far are you from Pickering? good well-established family run nursery there..
gooseberry specialists, but good for all fruit

Close, about 30 mins up the road. What's it called?

still family run I think. I was there on holiday in 1987and visited.....very difficult not to come home with a carful......bought some by mail order eventually

Thanks gz, just phoned them, very helpful. Put an order in for 10 'Joan J', a new autumn bliss hybrid. Pick 'em up tomorrow or Monday.
Will report back in autumn about how they've performed.

.......Will report back in autumn about how they've performed.

Aren't you supposed to stop them fruiting in the first year ?

Don't know! I would have thought so, but I've read that with autumn (primocane) varieties, they can fruit in the first year.
Anyone know for sure?
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