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rats no more ha ha ha

a while ago i had a bit of a rat problem under the shed,traps ,pressure washer ,etc got rid of them.

what i did then was to make up a bottle of serious pepper spray

500 ml white spirit,20 mls washing up liquid,200gms super hot dried chillies .leave it for a week or more and then filter and dilute with a litre of water to make an emulsion and spray that(good ppe essential) under the shed onto all the timbers ,old nests etc .

a year or so on still no rats so i have repeated the treatment and anticipate a rat free future.

there are still plenty of rats about thanks to mr pickles and his "efficiencies in local government services"but they neither the rats nor mr p want to move in under the shed Mad Mad Mad Twisted Evil

tis the first rat repellant i have found effective,it repels snails etc as well.
Rob R

I'm going to give that a go, thanks for the tip Very Happy

i really mean it about the ppe ,goggles ,gloves ,mask are a very good idea,tis nastier than many far nastier things.

goggles are a must ,and gloves do prevent the burning skin thing which can transfer to eyes mouth etc even after several washes and a few hours.

i used sun pepper chillies in this batch ,about a quid for a 200gm bag (too hot for most food use )but any of the super hot ones should work.

i dont know how long it can be left between applications but it seems to have worked for a year after the first go.i spose on dry timber it soaks in and only evaporates the oils slowly.
Rob R

As long as the shed hasn't disintegrated!

i recon it probably repels wood boring insects as well.

as it is a water rich emulsion it is unlikely to be too much of a fire hazard but usual precautions for solvent containing stuff(paint is a similar sort of mix) is probably sensible until it dries a bit.

mostly dont get it in eyes ,on skin or sensitive bits .dont breathe the aerosol mist either tis a bit chokey Laughing

apart from all of that it aint too bad to work with ,metal azides,nitrations,cows,wobbly portacabins etc all have far more interesting hns risks Laughing

I will try this, but my rats are where I am not too bothered; 'twould be nice to be rat free though-thankyou for the recipe!

They will come back, of course, and you know they're going to be super mutant massive killer rats, a la James Herbert, following natural (dpack) selection.

Yes, but they'll not be just any old rat but chilli flavoured huge rats, big enough to roast and carve for Sunday dinner.

With white spirit as blood!

the best thing about it is it soaks into timber and is fairly long lasting

chilli powder washes off ,blows away etc this stuff is a proper area denial weapon
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