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rayburn royal downsizing to just cooker use

hello. my rayburn royal was doing our hot water ,cooking and one radiator. then we had a combi boiler and rads installed and the royal disconnected from the water supply. we want to convert it now to run on gas ,but need to know how much that might cost we dont know how much less efficient that might be compared to a purpose made gas range or cooker . Also could we run it without it being connected to the water supply without causing damage, I would think so as long as the water connections are not sealed shut
thanks someone

Hi and Welcome from Fairly Soggy Scotland Very Happy

I don't know how you'd do that- I had a Rayburn Royale, solid fuel coverted to oil.

It just did hot water, directly Shocked (= rusted tank) and cooking.
Mr O

Although it is possible, I would have thought it would be cheeper to sell it as it is and install a gas cooker.
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