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RBS events list

here is a list of Rural Business School events all over the SW.

Click to download file

Thanks, Lorraine. Some interesting stuff there!

It changes all the time. There are quite a lot of interesting things, but thought if anyone would like a look....

Is there a rough guide to who's eligible for the discounts?

For those living in the south west you would be eligible if you are employed in agriculture, horticulture or forestry. This includes farmers/smallholders who are self employed or staff employed on farms. Basically if you have access to a holding number.
for those specific Cornwall events its a bit different due to funding differences, but basically we can offer more smallholdery type events - such as spinning or smallholding or stuff, but we are aiming these at people (same eligibility as above) who live in Cornwall (or have access to a Cornish holding number).

So, for the Introduction to blacksmithing (which isnt on this list yet), this is confined to Cornwall - but if you live outside Cornwall but have access (ie can 'borrow') a holding number, then yes, your in.

Just because your not eligible dosnt mean you cant go on the events - they are open to ALL - you would need to pay the full fee, thats all.
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