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Sally Too

Re-seeding a sand arena.

So we used to do quite a bit with horses and had a small sand square made and fenced at the bottom of the garden (22x25m). Small for horses but a big in other ways.

So now we are doing less with the horses and more with the dogs. Youngest daughter is very keen on doing dog agility with our little terriers.

But the sand is really heavy for us to run in. So I'm thinking we should re-seed the area.

So - do I need to add any top soil? I think perhaps not as recently it has been difficult to stop stuff growing in the sand - which has been down about 10 years and there are trees around that shed leaves into the arena. Himself thinks we might need some to stabilise the sand once the grass grows.....

Would it be better to wait now and re-seed in the spring? I'm dying to get it sorted ASAP but think that if we had a winter like last that the seed would be wasted... so perhaps just plough round in the sand over the winter and then seed in the spring once it has a chance to get going.

Thinking of seeding with daisys, plantain etc rather than straight grass..... The idea being that it forms a mat of low plants that produce a bit less top foliage and so need mowing less often!

Thoughts appreciated! Smile

It would depend on the type of sand you used in the area to begin with, was it horticultural as well as the depth?

Yes, lots of plants will grow in sand but they may not thrive, it could end up being patchy, dry out or not stand to be worked i.e. trod on regularly.

It might be the wiser course to remove a certain amount and add some form of top covering, this could be a variety of soils/rotted manure/top soil. Mixed yourself and spread some, then plough in, then spread a few more inches on top, levelled, rolled seeded, watered, left fallow for a season or two, mowed, maybe top dressed if need be.

You could also leave it to naturally naturalise, sow a few wild seeds and grasses and mow it on occasion to encourage the grasses to self-establish.

Like most things I think it all depends on how much time, money and effort you want to throw at it.
Sally Too

The sand is directly on hard core... so I'm not thinking of removing anything. It's fairly coarse sand and we have problems with the grass from around creeping inwards.... and it grows fairly vigorously.

So I'm hoping for a fairly minimal effort and cash outlay.

It needs leveled and rolled anyway (well that gets done sometimes anyway Wink ). Then the ponies banned!

I think I'll scatter some seed in spring. And see how it goes......

Perhaps add some topsoil -even if only to mix the seed with to help with even distribution.

Thanks for the various thoughts....
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