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Red Stop solution

Has anyone tried Red Stop solution (to be added to the drinking water)? Does it really do any good in killing red mite?
TTouch Homestead

I have used it all last summer for one coop that was having probs. You need to kill the mite by either using diatomaceous earth, or lime washing the inside to seal the wood. I used it in the waterer over that time and the birds and coop have been clear since. I am going to limewash again this summer...if we have one!

grannie used creosote on the sheds but lime wash is good ,the diacot stuff works and in extremis the op spray for budgies works but has a withdrawl period for meat birds ,i cant remember if it has for eggs .

horrible wee bitey crawlers

iirc CAREFULLY running a blowtorch along the crevices of housing can be quite helpful

I have seen someone recommending a steam cleaner instead of a blow torch.

I feel slightly squeamish at the thought of using something in the water that alters the blood chemistry of the hen despite it being in use commercially for ages. Redmites are unpleasant though.

Thank you for your replies. I may try it this year. Good to get feedback.

steam does sound a lot safer than fire Laughing

I still use a mixture of blow torch, diatom and vaseline, which seems to work.

'Blow torch, vaseline, diatom' sounds like the poultry equivalent of 'hammer, WD40, gaffer tape'.

There's a dance to go with it. The long winter evenings just fly by.

Red Stop; snake oil?

I can't find any independent evidence (ie not from people profiting from its sale) that this works.
I'd have thought if they have robust evidence they'd be crowing (pardon the pun) about it with links to the studies.
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