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I just found a bush at the bottom of the garden, with little clusters of red berries hanging from them.
I squished a berry earlier and the smell was very pleasant, and the juice has tiny little pips in it, with a watery juice.
I'll go and take some pictures shortly, but from that description, are they likely to be redcurrants?

Could be, although I'd have thought the birds would have eaten them by now. I've got a dozen or so plants with nice red berries on them in the garden, some of which will kill you so without a good photo it's very hard to tell!


Will go and get a pic now, while there's still some light!!

Might be a bit late for redcurrants, we finished ours weeks ago....

Here is a little bunch I snapped off:

All the berries are this colour, the others are darker where the bush is hidden by the shed.

Here is another (darker) picture on the bush.


The last one:

There's not a great deal on their, I just wondered what they were.

*URRRGH! Look at my MAJOR spelling boob!!*

If you're just curious they certainly look like red currants. If you plan to eat them I'd do some more checking, do the leaves smell of much, are the fruit full of little pips?

Must admit they do look like red-currants. Isn't it rather late for red-currants, though? Confused

I've found most things have done well later this year, maybe the redcurrants too?
They're very well hidden, mostly in shade. There's none on the top or outsides of the bush, all hidden inside, I'll have to forage for them!

Any way I can tell for definite if they're redcurrants?

Just got your message on Facebook, Vanessa. Thanks Smile

taste them if you die you know there not redcurrents

How horrible of you, Matt Shocked
Sally Too

I didn't pick all my redcurrants this year.... and yes some stayed on the bush until now.

So it's very likely that they are red currants... Lucky you!

We still had whitecurrants on the bush until about a week ago and I saw redcurrants on someone else's plot around the same time.

The leaves look like redcurrant leaves.

Certainly looks like redcurrants to me. Just went thru the Berries of Britain & Europe book, there is nothing poisonous with that leaf shape.

The book has a disclaimer though, don't eat it unless you are sure.

We still have good looking redcurrants on our bushes. We had tons and so many are in the freezer but still more odd ones have stayed on the bush and look plump still. Looks like redcurrent to me.

I'm going to pick 'em and make some jam!

They are a bit pippy. You'd be better off with a jelly.

We have redcurrants. Yours look like redcurrants to me.

They make great jelly. Too pippy for jam on their own but they do make great jam if mixed with something else - two thirds blackcurrant to one third redcurrant is good. Or if you have any rhubarb in the freezer, one third each blackcurrant/redcurrant/rhubarb makes divine jam. I know it sounds an odd flavour-mixture but trust me. Very Happy
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