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renewed rod licence

rumours of trout after the toxic visitation of a few years ago made me do it
if not there are other rivers ,i fancy trying spinning in the urban ouse with a float and weight rig to hold the lure in the current Laughing

umm i must try to find a fishing place in east yorks as well

fresh fish is ace

ooh good for you!!

Agree fresh fish is ace..

Plans afoot for a couple of stock ponds Rolling Eyes

bout time i got back to it,

will do the rest of the paperwork then go fishing

Not fly fishing though? Rolling Eyes



i use fly line and rod if suitable to deliver and retrieve ,lures work but so does wriggling for preditor fish

best to try to learn water and target fish and use means and bait suitable

recon in a fly vs worm competition worm would go home for tea with a fuller creel

black witch and coachmen are pretty good for local trout but as the big ones round here are more canibal than insectivore sweetcorn or a bit of yellow plastic looks like a baby trout and also works,maggots get em as well

my fave baits are limpets for a quiet fish free day and anything moving for most fish

bankwork or long socks and the waders ?

whatever, river will be interesting
Mr O

How much is the license?
Sorry, can't find the link shortening instructions Embarassed

it was interesting ,no stonefly/mayfly,no aquatics i could see ,no little fish ,no big fish ,no kingfishers ,no herons ,mink but not much else
Twisted Evil
recon the visitation and overflow problems have done for it Mad Mad Mad

there are other rivers but it was nice to decide on a trout dinner and be back with it in 15 mins

the mink eat ducks etc
Rob R

dpack wrote:
bankwork or long socks and the waders ?

whatever, river will be interesting

Good luck wading in East Yorkshire although round here you may need them just for bankwork. Laughing

the derwent would need long legs and lead boots Laughing
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