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Rental agreement.

My eldest son and girlfriend have sadly parted.At the moment, they rent a flat on Mermaid Quay in Cardiff.
Alex can`t afford to rent by himself,and neither can Rebecca.They have a tenancy agreement until August.
Can they leave before that and just lose their bond?
Or, do they really have to stay put?

In their position, I would go and explain the situation to the letting agent and see if they can find someone else to take the flat. And then the landlord won't be out of pocket. Hopefully they will be understanding and flexible. If not, I *think* they're stuck.

Look at their tenancy agreement, there might be a getout clause

Otherwise as Chez has suggested see if the agents will let them try and find someone else in the mean time so they can get out earlier
stumbling goat

If they signed a joint AST then they are both probably liable for the term of the agreement. IE if one leaves, the OTHER is liable for the whole amount due.

So, if she leaves, he will be liable for the entire rent for the duration of the agreement. And so will she be, if he leaves.

john of wessex


The Tenancy Relations Officers should be able to help
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